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Ninety-six percent of Syria’s declared chemical weapons destroyed – UN-OPCW mission chief

4 September 2014 

UN chief welcomes destruction of Syria's declared chemical weapons material

20 August 2014

Removal of Syria’s chemical weapons material complete, announces OPCW-UN mission

23 June 2014

As Syria deadline nears, OPCW-UN mission focuses on swift removal of remaining chemicals

4 June 2014

Head of OPCW-UN mission urges ‘final push’ to complete chemical weapons removal

8 May 2014

As deadline passes, UN joint mission urges Syria to complete chemical weapons removal

27 April 2014

OPCW-UN confirms progress in removing, destroying chemical weapons

24 April 2014

OPCW-UN mission reports further progress in eliminating Syria's chemical weapons

19 April 2014

OPCW-UN mission expects ‘intensified efforts’ as chemical weapons deadline slips

14 April 2014

Over half of Syria’s chemical weapons removed or destroyed, says joint OPCW-UN mission

20 March 2014

OPCW-UN mission chief welcomes recent progress on chemical removal from Syria

5 March 2014

Joint UN-OPCW mission welcomes mustard gas shipment out of Syria as ‘important step’

26 February 2014

More chemical arms material leaves Syria, joint OPCW-UN mission confirms

10 February 2014

Excerpts from Secretary-General's remarks at press conference at Sochi, Russian Federation

6 February 2014

UN calls for speeding up pace of lagging chemical weapons elimination

6 February 2014

Security Council expects Syria to meet June deadline for chemical weapons removal, official says

8 January 2014

First chemical arms materials leave Syria, joint OPCW-UN mission confirms

7 January 2014

Deadline for removing Syria's chemical weapons will not be met, says OPCW-UN mission

28 December 2013

Multinational effort to remove chemical arms kicks off tomorrow, OPCW says

18 December 2013

Those guilty of chemical weapons attacks in Syria must be held accountable – Ban

13 December 2013

UN team finds ‘credible information’ on more cases of chemical weapons use in Syria

12 December 2013

Preparations in ‘full swing’ for removing Syria’s chemical agents, says OPCW-UN mission chief

4 December 2013

Substantial work remains to rid Syria of chemical weapons, says OPCW-UN mission chief

15 November 2013

Joint OPCW-UN chemical weapons team verifies site in Aleppo

7 November 2013

Top envoys brief on latest UN efforts to tackle worsening Syria crisis

5 November 2013

Interview: Head of OPCW-UN team awaits next steps on destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons

1 November 2013 

Syria meets deadline, renders chemical weapons facilities ‘inoperable’ – OPCW-UN mission

31 October 2013

Feature: Working alongside UN in Syria, chemical weapons watchdog adapts to war, publicity

25 October 2013

Joint OPCW-UN chemical weapons team reports visits to nearly all declared sites

23 October 2013

Syria has ‘fully cooperated’ with OPCW-UN efforts to destroy chemical arsenal, team head says

22 October 2013

Ban appoints Sigrid Kaag to head up joint OPCW-UN mission in Syria

16 October 2013

Security Council approves joint OPCW-UN mission to oversee destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons

11 October 20013

Chemical weapons watchdog urges cooperation in Syria to carry out UN-joint mission

9 October 2013

Ban seeks 100-member joint mission to oversee destruction of Syrian chemical weapons

8 October 2013

Joint OPCW-UN team preparing for onsite inspections ‘within the next week’

4 October 2013

OPCW-UN inspectors begin mission to disable Syria’s chemical production facilities

2 October 2013

UN Security Council agrees to rid Syria of chemical weapons, endorses peace process

27 September 2013

Ban welcomes ‘serious international discussions’ on Syria’s chemical weapons

11 September 2013