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Liza Morris    8/12/2014 6:46:40 AM
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Jefferson Morley    6/11/2014 3:14:16 PM
Sigrid Kaag interviewHi OPCW, I am a contributing editor at Arms Control Today magazine. I write a regular feature called "Getting to Know," which highlights the personal committment of people active in the worlds of arms control. I've profiled former U.S. Ambassador Tom Pickering And author Eric Schlosser. I would like to do one of these interviews with Sigrid Kaag of OPCW. It would require perhaps 30 minutes on the telephone. Thanks for your consideration. Jefferson Morley Submitted By: Jefferson Morley

Mitra Ganjei    4/28/2014 4:28:21 PM
Demolition of C-weapons in the mediterranean seaDear Sir/Madam, we are very much worried about the message that c-weapons will be demolished in the Mediterranean sea. we would Need more Information about this issue and specially about timetables and an emergency plan in case of an accident or which guarantees do you have that there will not be any danger for the sea? For us this is one of the last paradises and also Close to reach and if there is any possibility to help to avoid this demolition, we would be very thankful to tell us what an how we can do it. We would appreciate your answer a lot, as the time is passing quick and we have no exact Information when the demolition is planed, only that with end of June it should be done. Thank you upfront and best regards from Vienna Mitra Ganjei Submitted By: Mitra Ganjei

Peter Mignander    4/9/2014 9:29:12 PM
Certificate, diploma or medalHi My name is Peter Mignander and I was the comanding officer of the Swedish Air Transport Unit deployed to Cyprus during November and December 2013 in contribution to JM OPCW-UN. Just before our redeployment I asked the Head of back office in Nicosia if we were to receive any type of medal or diploma of our contribution to the JM. He told me that the JM is discussing the possibillity of producing a small medal or something similiar in order to show apriciation to the personal that have contributed to the JM. Is this someting that is still under discussion or have you made any decisions on the matter? Best Regards Mj Peter Mignander CO SWE C-130 JM OPCW-UN Submitted By: Peter Mignander

v    3/21/2014 6:34:07 AM
encI would like to suggest that ... Submitted By: v